Vaccines in Copenhagen

Get your vaccines from experts

Udlandsvaccinationen (The Travel Vaccination Clinic) is the oldest and largest travel vaccination clinic in Denmark. Certified doctors with expertise in travel medicine advice and give vaccinations to our customers. The majority of the doctors are affiliated with Statens Serum Institut (SSI).

All registered vaccines in Denmark are on stock at Udlandsvaccinationen.

In addition to vaccines we supply prescriptions for malaria and other relevant diseases for free.

We take a pride in giving the best and most professional travel health advice and vaccination service. Our advice is given based on Danish official recommendations but individualised according to the customers’ travel plans and medical needs.


Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 16:00-18:30, Friday: 15:15-18:00
Emergency call: +45 4033 4105
Booking: +45 7022 0702
Monday-Thursday: 9:00-15:00, Friday: 9:00-14:30
Address: Ørestads Boulevard 5, 2300 København S
Parking: Outside Statens Serum Institut
Fax: +45 3268 3073


To avoid wait in the clinic we recommend pre-booking of appointments, but every customer who turn up during office hours will be served. An appointment can be booked by filling out the form bellow or be calling the clinic.

The clinic is located centrally in Copenhagen just next to Statens Serum Institut, 2 km from Copenhagen City Hall Square, near public transportation and with fine parking facilities.


Metro: Islands Brygge Metro Station (direction Vestamager) (walking distance from station is 300 meters)
Bus: Lines 5A, 77 og 78. Or lines 12, 33 og 250S.